Ikigai (生き甲斐, "a reason for being") is a Japanese concept that aims to capture what might be expressed with having a purpose in life, a reason for living.  I consider myself lucky, as I believe my Ikigai found me. I would love to share the full picture with you, yet this is not the right medium for it. Maybe one day we'll get a chance to talk about it in a conversation. The most relevant aspect with regards to triplestory as a brand is, that as part of it I am on a lifelong journey to continuously & consciously become a better communicator. Every day.

And I have been on that journey for a long time, since I stumbled into joining a debating club when I was a student. Together with the debating team we were helping each other and the newcomers to improve our skill-set in rhetoric. While practicing that hobby and competing in tournaments, a prototype for a process for communication improvement emerged out of it. A process I have been applying for myself and with others since then. After having helped more than a thousand individuals I continue to evolve and fine-tune that process.

My approach has been stress-tested widely, with students in debating club, with impact-driven individuals in non-profits, with entrepreneurs & tech teams in the European startup community and with senior managers in publicly listed companies. Whatever your purpose, mission, or business is, I truly believe that becoming a better communicator and improving your company communication always improves a team's trajectory for success. Together we can accelerate the learning curve of (y)our inter- & intra-personal skills.

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