Decoding human interaction

Consciously debug & improve (y)our people skills.

What I can do for you

A selection of my services.

Conversation-based Marketing

Marketing for the highest form of attention. Sometimes you have to navigate through social complexity to get to crucial conversations with stakeholders or high-impact individuals. I can work with you to figure out a path of getting there. I'll share a twin's secret: navigating works better together.


Improving & debugging your communication. No matter how good your business or brand communication is, it can always be improved. You'll get a former debating champion, a marketer, and a professional communicator as your sparring partner. I provide you an unbiased perspective.


Getting to a better conversation starter. Training hundreds of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in improving their pitches, made me discover patterns of good ones. Still, I look at each pitch as a unique work of art. My holistic approach aims to improve your presentation on every aspect.

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