Decoding human interaction

Consciously growing (y)our inter- & intra-personal skills.

What I can do for you

A selection of my services.


Navigating to stakeholders that make an impact. Building innovation is very difficult. Often a few stakeholders can make a huge difference in the trajectory of your business. As an experienced community-builder I will work with you to find the best way to meaningfully connect to them.


Deconstructing your leadership code. Leading is ultimately about about adding value to situations and other people, not to one self. Very simple in abstract, yet often very difficult to contextualize well. We're all human, we all make mistakes and have blind spots. I help you discover them faster.


Improving your persuasiveness. Persuasion is art & skill-set alike. Becoming national debating champion and staying a lifelong student of communication thereafter made me discover many effective routines. As your sparring partner I will help you to captivate your audience.

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