I truly believe that great communication makes a huge difference in the world. Since the day I joined a debating club I have been dedicated to grow more conscious as a communicator. First, we worked together with my debating teammates to improve ourselves as persuaders to win tournaments. After that I worked for close to a decade in the startup ecosystem in various communication-focused roles. During that time I have also worked with many entrepreneurs and startup team members to help them to improve their persuasion skills.

Now, I am an entrepreneur who works together with startups and companies of all sizes, to holistically improve the way they communicate. By now I have helped more than a thousand individuals to become better communicators. All of my experiences led me to believe in two foundational truths:

First, becoming a better communicator is essentially a skill-set of cultivating better relationships. Interpersonal communication improvement inseparably comes with a growth of people skills and more wisdom about people & oneself.

Second, there is no upper limit in our people skills, no matter how skilled we already are. Communicating begins with sensing, then ideally continues with understanding before seeking to be understood. We can always improve our sensing & sense-making of ourselves & others.  

This is why the purpose of triplestory as a brand is to help others to become more effective communicators by consciously growing their people skills.

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