Why triplestory as brand?

I chose triplestory as a brand name to serve as a reminder on the true nature of conversations. In a way every conversation is a triple story.

The third story is what a non-involved, non-judgemental observer would witness. It emerges through the interplay of the inner dialogues & narratives of both sides. Each conversation is unique and we'll only have it once. The better we understand the other person's story, our own story and the factors that shape their interplay, the better third stories we co-author.

I believe three things. First, that the quality of our conversations determine the quality of our business & our life. Second, that there is no upper limit in communication skills. Third, that "we err, therefore we evolve." For me "Decoding better conversations" is not a witty marketing tagline. It is a lifelong journey focused on evolving as a communicator from the mistakes I make. Or re-framed, from the learning opportunities I generate as a lifelong student of communication.

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