Conversation-based Marketing

A conversation is the highest form of attention you can get from someone. I can help you get it and prepare you and your narrative for it. I am blending my skills and experience in marketing, sales, networking, persuasion, and storytelling to help you to navigate there. We'll jointly utilize our know-how and networks to find a viable path through the social complexity to conversations that are crucial for you.

Communication Audit

Let's face it, communication can always be improved no matter how good it is. We all have blind spots, communication "bugs", and we all keep stumbling while walking in the biggest room there is. The room for improvement. You'll get a former debating champion, a marketer & a professional communicator as your sparring partner. I provide you an unbiased perspective on your business and brand communication. This can be a general audit to improve, before launching something new, or before a high-stakes communication situation ahead of you.

Pitch Improvement

Great pitching and great communicating is about perspective. Witnessing many entrepreneurs getting "roasted" by investors on stage right in front of me as tech event moderator provided a valuable perspective. So did constantly training myself to become a better communicator. As a practitioner and trainer I will help you to improve all aspects of your presentation. Your story, your arguments,  your slides, your non-verbal communication, your responses in Q&A, and most importantly your connection with your target audience.

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