Third story

That's me

Hi, I am Can and I triplestory is my brand. The brand name serves as a reminder on the true nature of human interactions. There is your story, the narratives and inner dialogue in your head. Depending on your degree of meta-cognition often beyond your awareness. Yet, they shape how you make sense of yourself, other people and the world. Then there is the other person's story, always unique to them. Both stories do not exist in a vacuum, they are influencing each other and are influenced by the context in which the interaction takes place. The third story is what a non-involved, non-judgmental, non-influencing observer would witness. It emerges moment by moment through the interplay of your story & their story. If you were silently (and for them invisibly) observing the interaction between two people, you'd be objectively experiencing the third story. Each of them experiences the same interaction from the vantage point of their own story, too often being limited by cognitive biases and by what I call Fictional Narratives Appearing Real (FNAR).

Your story, their story and the third story. The better we understand the other person's story, our own story and the factors that shape their interplay, the better third stories we can co-author together. Our own story co-creates the third story that we often mistakenly assume we're objectively perceiving. Hence, inter-personal skill development cannot be separated from intra-personal skill development. Improving externally is one side of the coin, debugging internally is the other side of it. With me by your side, you can do the required conscious inner work faster and more effectively.

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