Short Stories

Welcome to a parallel universe on The other zones are professional. This zone is personal and experimental. 2019 was the year I discovered writing. At first, I wrote for an audience of one: myself. Writing by hand felt like an antidote to a mist of unclear thoughts floating around in my head. It turned into a new hobby that has profoundly changed my life. Now, I am curious to find out what happens when I explore insights through art inspired by the seeds others have planted. You can't separate a creation from its creator. Reflecting on life & communication is in my nature. If you share the "love for wisdom", maybe some of the short stories will resonate with you.

P.S.: You may have noticed, English is not my native language.

P.P.S.: In case you're wondering, I am using the reMarkable 2 to write. I love my paper tablet, so I signed up for their referral program. With this URL you'll get a decent discount if you want to order one (no strings attached).

April 12, 2020

My first published page

A story on one page about someone you might have heard of.

My first published page